Spring Cleaning and All That it Entails

I don’t know about you, but I love spring cleaning! It’s really the one (and only) time in the year that I look forward to cleaning and tidying. I think I’m probably the most excited about starting to pack away the winter coats and start bringing out the more ‘summery’ attire. This is also usually the time I finally take the time to go through all of my cosmetics, shampoos and lotions to throw out anything that is more than halfway finished and hasn’t been touched in who knows how long… And of course, to incentivize my kids to help clean their rooms I promise them a Saturday of pizza and arts & crafts to redecorate their rooms with (the art, not the pizza ;)).

During spring cleaning it’s important to me that while my house looks and feels clean, my family and I feel the same way. Especially during this period when I’m running around using a lot of different cleaning products that are filled with harsh chemicals that flare up my daughter’s eczema without fail. While bleach, Windex and a vacuum help my house, Kamedis helps her. With winter and spring causing her the most inflammation and irritation – due to the dryness, allergens and harsh air from the cleaning chemicals of spring cleaning, it’s important that we always have a product on-hand that not only reduces the inflammation, but also keeps it gone. Until trying Kamedis, nothing had worked to subside the pain and irritation from all of the different causes for her flare-ups. After hearing about Kamedis and how it’s made with concentrated traditional Chinese botanicals, and made without any parabens, steroids, or dyes, I knew we had to give it a try.

Ever since the success my daughter had with the TOPIC SKIN Face & Body cream and wash, I’ve made sure our home is fully stocked with the SKIN RELIEF Calming Lotion. Ensuring that whether she’ll be faced with spring cleaning, a dry winter, or harsh allergens, my daughter is going to be protected from irritation, inflammation and itchiness.

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